Are you in need of new windows? Well, you're not alone! Many homeowners realize that they are losing tons of energy every year and racking up those monthly utility bills because their windows are simply not up to the task.

The good news is that we can help! We offer the finest in new, energy efficient vinyl windows so when it comes to picking the best contractor for the job, look no further than JP Construction.

Before you purchase new windows for what is most likely your largest investment (your home), there are a couple things you need to know:

Replacement vs. New Construction: So, most people who get new windows actually end up getting replacement windows. Replacement windows are actually installed within the existing frame of the old window. So, it becomes a "frame within a frame system." There's nothing wrong with this. The only rel downside, if you want to ca it that, is that you lose some additional light since the frame is that much bigger. But, for most windows, this loss of light is negligible.

If you get a new construction window, the whole frame actually gets replaced. Because of this, interior trim often needs to be replaced along with the window and the exterior cladding (typically some sort of siding) will need to be dealt with. So, the installation tends to be more costly that that of a replacement window. Many homeowners will elect to get new construction windows if they are having their siding replaced as well because that "extra cost" of dealing with the siding gets eaten in the siding replacement.

Low-E vs Standard: When getting new windows, most people think that they are upgrading simply by replacing what is currently there. And, this may be true for some. But, be sure to spend the little extra required to get the "low-E package" on your new windows. This typically means that the new windows will have a coated glass that reflects a large amount of heat from outside radiation, thus allowing your house to run more efficiently.

A low-E package usually comes with argon gas installed in between the double window panes. This gas, which is thicker than air, makes the window more thermally efficient, allowing for less convection than normal air, minimizing convective currents within the window and reducing the transfer of heat across the window.

Low-E packages may come standard in some windows but may be an additional charge for others. Either way, the added expense is well worth it when it comes to saving money on your energy bills.

At JP Construction, we install replacement windows as well as new construction windows and can show you which window system may be better for you while saving you money in the short term with the cost of the project and the long term with the lowering of your energy costs.

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