2023: More Hail Reported in Maryland - This Time in Odenton, Anne Arundel County

Why choose JP Construction Services?

I think it's safe to say that we've reached peak hail season in Maryland. It seems like almost every day brings a potential for thunderstorms throughout the mid-Atlantic region along with chances for high winds and hail. And for more than at least a couple of recent days, those potentials have turned into reality. Both June 26 and June 27, 2023 were days in which several hail storms were reported throughout the mid-Atlantic region. 

Since JP Construction recently completed several siding (and roofing) replacements in Anne Arundel County due to storm events from 2019 and 2021, this post mainly focuses on the storms that went thought Anne Arundel County.  

June 27, 2023 saw a total of four hail storm reports listed on NOAA from Anne Arundel County. Two were from Odenton, one from Londontowne, and one from Crofton. All were reported as 1-inch storms with the exception of the second-reported Odenton storm which was reported as 1.25 inches. Baltimore County also had 1-inch reports from Fullerton and Middle River, MD. For reference, an inch is roughly quarter-sized, while 1.25 inches is roughly the diameter of a golf ball.

While all reporting is preliminary, it gives important information as to where the swaths traveled and how extensive the damages were. Odenton does have an abundance of aluminum siding within its borders, so there was likely some damage done to some of the residential metal exterior claddings. Exterior trim capping along with gutters and downspouts can also easily get damaged from these types of hail storms. While aluminum is a great building product for certain applications, it is unfortunately highly susceptible to denting damage from projectiles like balls, rocks, birds, and, of course, hail.

If you live in Odenton or in the surrounding areas, and a hail storm recently went through your neighborhood, it is important that you act as soon as possible to protect your home. Hail damage lessens the value of a home, and is something that, if not taken care of now, can come back to haunt you later. Trying to sell your house with old, faded and damaged aluminum siding, especially after several of your neighbors have upgraded their siding, is something you can potentially avoid by addressing the issue now.

It is recommended that you get your house inspected by a professional after a severe hail storm. While these types of storms don't always affect modern residential roofing systems, it doesn't take much to severely damage aluminum siding. But hail damage to aluminum siding isn't something that a lot of people - even experienced exterior contractors - are experts in. Be sure to call a company with experience specifically with aluminum siding insurance claims to inspect your siding.

JP Construction Services has been performing insurance-related replacements for almost 20 years. We are truly experts in aluminum siding replacement. But don't worry - we also do roofing and gutter replacements. While many roofs may not have been affected to the degree that insurance would/should cover it, older shingles or roofs that had shingles blown off from the recent storm should make sure to include the roof in everything that gets considered for their claim, if they decide to go that route. 

Call JP construction for a FREE siding inspection. We'll perform a thorough inspection. Then, assuming your siding has damage, we will sit down with you and explain how the process works. We will also show you the colors and profile options of your new siding, and answer any questions you may have. If you live in areas recently affected by hail or wind storms, call us now to schedule your free inspection - (877) 846-9566 or schedule online